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05/28/08 08:35 PM #37    

Dan Kormylo

Douglas - you can count me in biaiatch!

05/29/08 12:18 PM #38    

Doug DeGraw

Dan Freaking Kormylo. Where have you been since spring and summer of 95? Remember when we took the bus to lagoon?

05/30/08 11:07 AM #39    

Joshua Sterner

I didn't hear anything about the 13 year Olympus Jr. reunion. I guess the student body presidency dropped the ball. So I decided to pick up the slack with Doug's help...

Tentatively we have scheduled the UTA to transfer us to Trax and then we will be taking a tour of the Wonderbread Factory on 4th South.

Or, we could all just go get eye exams.

Cost: just your smile...Oh, and bus fare (transfers are free)

RSVP. Mr. Thompsons cell phone&801.555.1234

05/30/08 11:28 AM #40    

Trygg Waldbillig

Maybe they figured you were too busy with triplets.

By the way, I'm pretty sure three qualifies you for your own reality TV show on E!

We'll work on the show's name for you, but growing the Jew Locks back will be a must.

05/30/08 11:37 AM #41    

Katie Allen (Anderson)

Wow, its going to be crazy seeing all of you people again. Its been a long time!

05/31/08 01:51 PM #42    

Doug DeGraw

Does anyone know if Robert Hufford is coming? If he is not I am not sure if I will be coming either.

06/02/08 05:00 PM #43    

Mark Maughan

Doug...I can't stop laughing

06/02/08 10:37 PM #44    

Doug DeGraw

With the names I recieved I needed to hurry and book the tee times. With the names I had recieved and the people that I talked to I was able to recieve 3 tee times. I was not able to rent out the whole golf course. I apoligize. So we had room for 12 Oly Alumni. So I just took a first come 1st serve basis. Stu and B. Johnson couldn't make it. As of now it stands (Springer, Read, A.Neff,J.Sterner),(DeGraw,Maughan,Fritz,Kormylo),(Blake, Austin,Glaus). These were the people that contacted me and wanted in Sorry for lack of space. It was hard to coordinate from here in Arizona. We will be at Mountain Dell Lake Course Sat starting at 11:30.Maughan bring cash and I will not accept anymore post dated checks. I will post tomorrow the cost.Winner takes home 1 million dollars.

06/02/08 10:45 PM #45    

Doug DeGraw

There is one spot open still for Stu Anderson. If he for sure can't make it we still have room for one more person. Also if you organize quickly and get back to me we may be able to get other tee times that are hopefully somewhat close to what we have scheduled. And don't forget I do get a percentage of any side bets that occur during the round. My fee is a flat 15%.

06/03/08 09:36 PM #46    

Joshua Springer

Doug- Are you still mad that Robert Huffard could bench more than you?

06/04/08 11:16 AM #47    

Doug DeGraw

Huff never benched more than me and you know it. We still have 2 spots open for golf. Stu and Fritz are unable to attend. So whoever contacts me first will get the spots.

06/07/08 03:17 PM #48    

Jake Airhart

Holy get a load of this, I just ran into that Huffer. He works as a deck hand for Capt'n Black Beard out here on the Crystal Coast. Anyway, put one in the hole for me boys. I'll be missing ya'll tonight, would somebody do me the honor of slaying the dragon? Thanks

P.S. We are now open for visitors

06/08/08 07:36 PM #49    

Mark Maughan

Thanks Brooke Hathaway and committe people. Awesome reunion. Thanks for making it happen. It was really a great night. We owe you all huge. Thanks.

06/09/08 09:21 AM #50    

Kathleen DiFrancesco (Peterson)

I'd just like to extend my gratitude as well! Thank you everyone for making a great reunion, I had a blast!

06/10/08 10:54 PM #51    

Ashley Radmall (Owen)

I had a great time at the reunion, thanks to Brooke and the committee for everything including the website! Oh and drawing our name in the raffle, I don't think anyone caught on that you pulled our name on purpose! Thanks
Hee Hee!!!

06/13/08 11:38 AM #52    

Blake Burdette

Huge props for the commitee who put on a great evening! I am so glad the Doug didn't win the WII. Great to see lots of people I haven't seen forever! Thanks again Brooke, Sarah, Evan, and crew.

06/16/08 12:21 PM #53    


Melissa Coleby (Petrini)

Wow, looks like you all had a fabulous time! Great to see more pics of many familiar faces and some I don't recognize until I read their name tag. Hope to see many of you at the 20 year! HA!

10/11/08 06:13 AM #54    


20 Year!!! I missed the 10. Had no idea about it and I practically live down the street from the school. Let's have an 11 year reunion so that I can make it this time. j/k. Kinda weird saying Hi since I've been out of contact for so long, but I'll do it anyways. HI.

Had the occassional run-ins every now and then, including catching a runaway dog with a complete stranger that turned out to be Brady Johnson's mom. That was funny.

Forum seems kinda dead since the reunion is over. Is anybody gonna read this?

09/14/16 05:48 PM #55    

Katie Jensen (Hadfield)

 Class of 98! I want to start a conversation on your thoughts about our 20yr reunion!

Class of 96 had their 20yr reunion this summer at the new High School and sounds like many classes will follow this same idea!  I also heard many didn't attend because it was at the school.  Just wanting to get an idea of how many of you would like the idea at the new school or would rather have it at another venue?  






09/15/16 09:36 AM #56    


I don't really care if it's at the new high school or another venue.  I just need enough notice of when and where so that I can prepare to attend.  I will be coming from Guam.

As an alternative to golf, anybody want to go to a shooting range?  Golfers can join us there.  They can hit the balls for distance and the shooters can try to hit the balls midflight. 

09/15/16 09:44 AM #57    


Trevor Imani

I have to give it to Connor for creativity.  That being said I just bought a home back in Holladay (dang it, we really all do end up back there don't we?!) Lol. I enjoyed the 10 year at Little America. I would have to say that doing it at the Oly (New) really woudn't have any type of nostalgic aspects given none of us really would have any connection to the building. That being said regardless where its held I plan to attend. Plus, I don't think I can have a beer or cocktail in the school.. Wait, I could always just sneak it in, like I used too! Maybe the school is a good idea! (old habits never die) Cheers to you all. 

09/15/16 02:33 PM #58    


Melissa Coleby (Petrini)

I'd love to see the new school, but yeah, no real connection to the building also. I wished I could have attended the 5 and 10, but I was either living on the east coast and pregnant. And then living overseas and couldnt make it. Im now coming from California, but I would come out if I know when and where. Hope more people post about where they are and where life has taken each of us. 

09/15/16 07:15 PM #59    

John Nielsen

The venue isn't that important to me--I'm just coming from the people. Just give me plenty of notice too--I'm coming all the way from South Jordan.  

09/16/16 06:20 AM #60    

Kendra McGlochlin (Rowser)

I vote the school. Doesn't matter what venue to me, but I'm curious to see the new high school & have no other reason for going inside.

11/07/16 07:46 PM #61    


Brian Hall

I, unfortunately, missed our 10-year reunion when I was living in California but I'm back living in Draper, UT and excited to come to our 20-year reunion. Can't wait to see a lot of old familiar faces. I would prefer if it wasn't at the new school and anywhere else sounds just fine. Happy Holidays to you all:)

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